Coljuegos authorizes online operators to offer instant win games

17 April 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Coljuegos, through Agreement 02 of 30 March 2021, of its Board of Directors, authorized the operation of immediate prize games for games operated over the Internet and set the conditions for its implementation.
Through this Agreement, we define the category of immediate prize games as a series of counterpart games in which, in exchange for paying a bet value for the game, the user is granted the possibility of predicting the number, letter, image, symbol and/or the combination, sequence or pattern between them, which must coincide with the result of a random number generator (GNA) as determined by the rules of the game. In addition, it was delimited that within this modality it is not possible to operate "permanent betting mechanics (chance), traditional lottery, instant lottery (scratch), preprinted lotto, online lotto or SUPER astro", explains Roger Carrillo Campo, President of Coljuegos.
According to Agreement 02 of 2021, this type of game operated over the Internet can be offered to the public in commercial premises that carry out the economic activities indicated in article 1.5.8 of Agreement 08 of 2020, as is the case with the Keno mechanic offered by the dealer. Luckia Colombia S.A.S.
For this reason, the mechanics developed by the operators of innovative games over the Internet, which comply with the regulations of immediate prize games and have fulfilled the respective legal, technical and contractual procedures before the Legal Office of Coljuegos, are a legal offer in the Colombian market, whose social purpose is predominantly aimed at financing the health of Colombians.
According to the regulatory body, the innovative game operators operated by the internet authorized to offer immediate prize games, with a cutoff of April 2023, are the following:
Luckia Colombia (
Meridian Gaming Colombia S.A.S. (
Colbet S.A.S ( aka Betsson Colombia)
Servicios Distrired S.A.S. (
Teclino S.A.S. (
Corredor Empresarial S.A.S. (
Games and Betting S.A.S. (
Finally, Coljuegos invites the concessionaires of the games operated by the Internet to carry out the procedures before the Legal Office to include the immediate prize games in their offers, prior to complying with the legal and regulatory requirements, in order to counteract the various modalities of illegal gambling that operates over the internet.