Competition Heats up on the Bingo Scene

22 April 1999
First Entertainment and Global Games Corp. are putting together a 50/50 joint venture to acquire ownership of bingo software developed by a Canadian company called CBI Systems Integrators. The venture will own (to be hosted in Canada) and will offer free bingo games for fun and prizes. It will also offer "Bingoforcash," which will be licensed to other entities offering bingo play for money and prizes.

Global Games Corp. has previously granted a software license to Internet Gaming Corp. of Dominica, which will be contributed to the joint venture by Global upon the formation of the joint venture. The joint venture plans to license the software to other operators as well.

The software is fully developed and has been beta tested for the last seven months. It should be available to go online within the next two weeks. It will allow approximately 2,700 players to play simultaneously in real time for each server that is dedicated to the games.

The venture could also give the folks a run for their money in the "Bingo Community" department. First Entertainment has announced intentions of establishing an entertainment-based Internet community portal that will host free e-mail, news, music, comedy and lifestyles information surrounding their game.

"Online communities are exciting and rapidly growing Internet phenomena being driven by the desire of people to meet, talk, and interact with others who have similar interests," said First Entertainment President A.B. Goldberg. "It is well documented that web sites that offer community services attract more online gamers who will find they want to visit more often and stay longer."

Meanwhile,, Inc. has announced that it's wholly owned Antigua subsidiary has been granted an Internet gaming license.

"This marks a major milestone for Inc. shareholders and bingo players worldwide that are eagerly awaiting the launch of our International bingo game," President and CEO Darren Little said. " will offer extensive free downloads, free information and free "hot links" with a wide variety of prizes and promotional partnerships, creating a communicative infrastructure of international chat, e-commerce, entertainment and excitement. The website will be launched in conjunction with an international media campaign as the world's first "Bingo-based" e-mail/web page community.