Coral Eurobet Introduces MATCH Technology

16 August 2000
On August 13, Coral Eurobet launched its self-proclaimed world's first interactive, real-time, person-to-person football betting site at

MATCH technology has enabled the site to provide a unique sports betting experience in which wagers can be placed prior to and during football games until the very end of the match. Players enter a virtual WagerPit with a £20 minimum credit and set the prices of the wagers. The home team is designated the "red team" and the away team is the "blue team." If the match ends in a draw, then the blue team is declared winner. Punters may even bet on both teams at various points in the game in order to maximize profit.

Coral Europe has declared MATCH the only system that can instantly send winnings to a player's account.

The only major problem with this site is that things occur very quickly within the football matches and often it is difficult for punters to keep up with the action due to things such as faults in Internet connection or slow computer speed.