Court Documents Reveal Details of Tucker Arrest

6 July 2007

Penelope Tucker, recently added to the list of defendants indicted for racketeering conspiracy in the BetonSports (BoS) case, was arrested on July 2 at 7:35 a.m. in Florida, according to court documents.

Tucker's bond has been set at $500,000 and a bond hearing is scheduled for July 9 at which time she is obligated to prove that the money is from a legitimate source.

Furthermore, the conditions of her bond are as follows.

She will have to surrender her passport and will be unable to leave the Southern District of Florida except to travel to Eastern District of Missouri for court dates relating to the indictment. Tucker will also be prohibited from having any contact with witnesses or other defendants in the case, except through her lawyer, which is a common condition in cases such as this.

All of the other defendants are subject to the same order.

Tucker worked for BoS at the time Gary Kaplan ran the company, and reportedly maintained a relationship with Kaplan after his departure. According to court documents from the Southern District of Florida, as late as Jan. 22, 2007 Tucker was in control of one of Kaplan's bank accounts from which she transferred funds to pay for the registration of a company controlled by Kaplan.

Click here to view a copy of Tucker's arrest report.

Click here to view a copy of Tucker's bond agreement.