Crypto Bingo

3 June 2002

Leading I-gaming software supplier CryptoLogic Inc., in collaboration with, last week debuted an online bingo platform at a new site called Interbingo.

The company reports that the site, located at, has been winning rave reviews from testers and licensees alike.

"A great deal of effort has gone into creating a product that gives bingo a fresh new look that we're confident will have broad market appeal," said Jean Noelting, president and CEO of Cryptologic.

Emulating the traditional 75-number bingo game played in bingo halls around the world, Interbingo offers five play-for-money halls and one play-for-fun hall, with themes customizable to the preference of each licensee. It also provides the option of playing for fun.

Cryptologic's bingo offers all the features of a live bingo hall and more, including a "Card Minder" option to help players keep track of their card strips, and auto dabbing, an option through which the computer dabs players' cards for them.

Company spokesman Sean Stokes said that what sets Crypto Bingo apart from the rest of the market is "its look and feel and the fact that it is easy-to-use. He added, "It is a new face on an old game."

Interbingo is also Cryptologic's latest attempt to appeal to European clients. Noelting said the company's goal is to accumulate half of its revenue from non-U.S. sources. Stokes added that, although the games are only available in English version, the company hopes to include other languages in the near future.

The release of the bingo product comes in the wake of a busy month for the software supplier, which announced the signing of four licensees in May. The addition of bingo to Crypto's repertoire is intended to help the company bridge new customers interested in the bingo market with existing customers that already play the casino games. Stokes said CryptoLogic is actively seeking additional licensees for the bingo suite and that the company is hoping to expand the platform for this particular game.