Crypto Employs New Crop of Superheroes

17 February 2009
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are moving in with Spiderman, Captain America and the X-Men. And CryptoLogic Ltd. could not be happier.

"We're hugely excited about it," Justin Thouin, vice president of business development and product management for CryptoLogic, told IGamingNews Tuesday.

Similar to its agreement with Marvel Comics, CryptoLogic have signed an exclusive multi-year licensing deal with Warner Brothers digital distribution and DC Comics Inc. to bring the comic book superheroes to online casinos.

"Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are arguably some of the largest brands in the world," Mr. Thouin said. "We've seen huge success translating comic book brands, like the Marvel brands, into online slots games, and they've really formed the foundation of CryptoLogic's success in our licensing strategy."

CryptoLogic has been in an exclusive deal with Marvel since 2005 and now carries 15 branded games licensed to online casinos like InterCasino, 888 and William Hill.

The company is now developing about 10 new games branded with the DC heroes and is shooting for a early Q4 2009 release date.

Despite being from separate worlds, DC and Marvel superheroes can absolutely dwell in the same company, Mr. Thouin said.

"We are going to continue to push the Marvel games," he said. "But players demand new, fresh content all the time and these (games) will be phenomenally new fresh content."

Emily Swoboda is the senior staff writer at IGamingNews. She lives in St. Louis, Mo.