CryptoLogic Enters Korean Market

9 April 2008

CryptoLogic has made another strategic investment in the Asian region by taking a minority interest in South Korea's Mobilebus Inc., a mobile and PC game developer and publisher.

CryptoLogic, which will help build Mobilebus's product offering, will gain representation on Mobilebus' board of directors with the option of increasing its ownership to a majority stake.

Mobilebus' provides subscription-based games instead of real money wagering because Korean law prohibits casino gaming. The company's portals offer traditional Korean and arcade games as well as a suite of poker games including 7 Poker, High-Low and Texas Hold 'em. Revenue comes from the sale of avatars.

"Some of the other deals that we've done have been more focused around us getting technologies to utilize throughout Asia Pacific," said CryptoLogic CFO Stephen Taylor said. "This one with Mobilebus is really getting involved with an organization that is providing poker."

"And we think it's a good entrée into offering other services in the future in the Korean marketplace," he added.