CryptoLogic Streamlines Its Customer Service Tools

29 August 2006

In an effort to bolster its support services for online players, Internet gaming software provider CryptoLogic today announced comprehensive enhancement of the customer service system for its around-the-clock contact center provided through the company's subsidiary WagerLogic Limited.

The technological centerpiece of the upgrade, the automated "Interactive Intelligence" system (IIS), collects information and transfers customers to the appropriate service representative. According to CryptoLogic representatives, the IIS matches players with representatives based on several criteria, some of which include language spoken, nature of inquiry, and customer profile.

The IIS is also able to prioritize inquiries--and make appropriate personnel and resource allocations--based on current and historical contact center operations.

CryptoLogic predicts the new support system will streamline the inquiry process, and by that means retain more of its players.