Cubeia signs new licensee vsJack

3 December 2012
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- vsJack, the only player vs player online blackjack game, has successfully launched using the Firebase platform from Cubeia Ltd, a software development company based in Stockholm, Sweden.
vsJack is a variation on blackjack’s basic rules where the players take turns being the dealer and play in real time against others.
Cubeia Firebase enables vsJack’s unique offering and Christian Andersson, CEO of Vooxn AB, the development company behind vsJack, comments on the launch, "The decision to use Cubeia Firebase for our multiplayer gambling platform vsJack was a no-brainer. It has saved us a lot of development time and allowed us to concentrate more on our unique offering and ultimately bring more value to the players. Firebase has enabled our game and I have no doubt it will also enable the expansion of our customers as they scale up from here."
Lars J. Nilsson, Executive Vice President of Cubeia Firebase, commented, "We're extremely excited to see vsJack successfully launch and accelerate. Their unique take on blackjack is a perfect match for our technology and showcases how you can build a complete and successful gaming enterprise much faster and with much less risk when using Cubeia Firebase."
Cubeia Firebase now powers three unique skill gaming networks, vsJack, WMS Dicearena and Mahjong Logic, with more unveiling in the coming months.