Cubeia's new Firebase 1.8 adds support for multimedia devices and handhelds

19 April 2012
STOCKHOLM (PRESS RELEASE) -- Cubeia Ltd, the software development company that launched the first ever open source multiplayer server in the online gambling industry, has released Firebase 1.8.

After six months of active development, this release brings HTML5 support in the form of WebSockets and Comet right into the Firebase server at an unprecedented time. As the market grows into multimedia devices and handhelds, HTML5 and related web technologies are becoming more and more important.

Cubeia Firebase makes it possible to unify a game portfolio on a single platform, regardless of client technology. The addition of HTML5 support in 1.8 is purely in the transport layer and does not concern server code at all. The same server game can handle not only Flash, Java and C++ clients, but also any JavaScript-capable device.

Lars J. Nilsson, Executive Vice President, Cubeia Ltd, commented, "For years people have talked about the coming handheld revolution. And now it's upon us. Cubeia Firebase combines the scalability and proven robustness of Firebase with HTML5 support for WebSockets and Comet. There's no longer any reason not to embrace web-based clients.

"As the gaming market fragments across devices and social channels it's more important than ever to make sure you have a platform that can support your enterprise. Cubeia Firebase is exactly that: handheld HTML5 clients that can run side by side with downloadable 3D clients. One platform, unlimited scalability," continued Nilsson.

The Firebase platform already powers leading skill gaming networks Jadestone DiceArena network and the MahjongLogic network.