Cyberbetz Reports Casino Revenues Up 250% Over Previous Month

7 January 1999

GIC Global Intertainment Corporation, a high technology Internet, entertainment and marketing company, stated that the wagering revenues placed through their Cyberbetz on-line sportsbook and casino for the month of December 1998 totaled U.S. $5,341,284.00. The on-line casino wagering revenues totaled US $3,441,284.00, an increase of approximately 250% over the previous month. The Company is continuing its growth trend of doubling revenues every month.

James Chu, president and CEO stated "We are excited about the exponential growth that is taking place on our site and with our advertising campaign kicking off this month, we expect a very profitable second quarter and feel we are on track to meet our revenue projections this year. This type of growth in traffic and business in such a short period of time is something that can only be experienced with the Internet. If this type of growth continues, we expect to meet or even surpass our first year wagering projections of US $75 Million with gross profits of US $11.2 Million."