Cybergames to Initiate End of Century Charity Games

2 October 1998

Cybergames, Inc. (CYGA NASDAQ/BB) announced this week that it will launch an international fund raising program, projected to raise in excess of $125 million for various charities located in the Americas, through several internet games culminating in a Powerball Bingo Jackpot drawing on December 31,1999.

This will celebrate the end of the 20th century with an estimated total jackpots to exceed $250 million. Cybergames through its wholly owned subsidiary, RCI de Costa Rica, S.A which operates out of San Jose, Costa Rica, has received approval from the Red Cross to operate an international "Powerball Bingo" and related games to raise money to benefit the Red Cross of the Americas, (extending from all of North America to all of Central and South America) as well as funds for Make A Wish and Children's Research Foundations.

The charities will receive a Guaranteed 25 percent of the gross proceeds, estimated to exceed $125 million over the next year. Players will win approximately 50 percent and RCI will receive approximately 25 percent of the gross play towards operating expenses and profits.

Cybergames owns and operates three fully licensed hotel based casinos in Costa Rica and an international internet casino gaming operation in San Jose, Costa Rica.