Cybersquatting in the Courts

16 December 1999
Cybersquatting has been a hot topic in the online gambling industry in recent weeks. Since the enactment of a new federal law designed to protect companies from cybersquatters, at least two lawsuits have been filed by Las Vegas casino corporations against operators of online gambling websites. For your reading pleasure, IGN has obtained a copy of the act as well as the lawsuit filed by Bellagio, Mandalay Resort Group, Mare-Bear, Inc., Mirage Resorts, Inc. and Victoria Partners against John Dunn, Planet Luck Casino, Ed Servicio and Starluck Corporation.

Click here to view the law suit.
*Note, this copy was scanned from a low-quality fax containing a few lines that were unreadable.

Click here to view the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.