Daily Nambling Notes - Aug. 21, 2002

21 August 2002

Asian Tidbit -- Word has it that the government of Macau is looking to copy Nevada's gaming regulation model. The rumors surfaced after the Macau government tapped two prominent Las Vegas casino developers, Desert Inn owner Steve Wynn and Venetian owner Sheldon Adelson, to build and operate resort-style casinos in the Chinese enclave. "I believe the government of Macau is serious about instituting sweeping changes," said Gaming Control Board Chairman Dennis Neilander.

Tidbit from the Isle of Man -- Manx Treasury Minister Allan Bell announced that a detailed review of the Isle of Man's economy would be taking place soon, leading to the publication of a draft report early next year. Although he expressed optimism for the future, Bell stressed that the Manx economy is not immune to change, citing cheap labor competition from countries such as India, and increased scrutiny from external bodies such as the European Union.

Tidbit from Down Under -- eBet Ltd. has received regulatory approval from the ACT Gambling & Racing Commission to commence fixed-odds Internet trading on www.sportsacumen.com. The Web site will be run by Sports Acumen Pty Ltd. , eBet's sports and race betting subsidiary that was formerly known as City Index Pty Ltd. The Web site will offer fixed odds and index betting options on a range of Australian and international sports, as well as most Australian and some international horse races.

Legal Stuff -- In less than three months, Thomas G. Woolston, a Washington, D.C., patent lawyer and former Central Intelligence Agency technology officer, will appear before a jury claiming that eBay is infringing on three of his patents. According to Woolston, the patents cover a computer-based network in which individuals can make binding offers secured by a credit card to buy and sell goods over the Internet. In a July hearing, eBay claimed that its system is "person-to-person," while Woolston's patents cover a system that uses an intermediary. eBay is planning to buy e-cash service PayPal.