Daily Nambling Notes - Aug. 27, 2002

27 August 2002

US Bit -- Station Casinos Inc. said Monday that it is backing off from its original plans to dive into the Internet gambling market with Kerzner International Ltd. , formerly SunOnline. According to the Las Vegas-based company's recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Station is converting its 50 percent interest in Kerzner Interactive in favor of an option to buy worth $4.5 million. Scott Nielson, Station's chief legal officer, said the decision was based on the Nevada Gaming Control Board's inability to come to a conclusion regarding the legality of Nevada gaming corporations getting involved in offshore Internet gaming operations.

Legal Stuff -- Thanks to an investigation by attorneys general in 10 states, Internet advertising company DoubleClick is adopting new privacy standards. The company has made a business of placing cookies on consumers' computers, allowing it to follow wherever the user goes online. The information then allows DoubleClick to show the person advertisements based on their past Internet surfing habits. As per the settlement DoubleClick has reached, it will have to allow consumers to see the information DoubleClick gathers about them and pay $450,000 to cover investigation costs and education programs for consumers.