Daily Nambling Notes - July 3, 2002

3 July 2002

Tidbits from Asia -- The Hong Kong Jockey Club's Mark Six lottery will re-launch tomorrow with a larger jackpot. In a move to maintain turnover and make the lottery more appealing, the club's Lotteries Board has lifted the maximum prize cap of HK$38 million and increased the drawing numbers to 49 from 47. Players will also have the chance to win a new seventh prize of HK$20 by guessing three numbers correctly. Thailand authorities say that a gambler who killed himself because of gambling debts from the World Cup owed nearly HK$2 million (US$256,410) to bookmakers. The man, Nelson Hu, died from smoke inhalation.

New Stuff -- aJile Systems says it has created the world's first pure Java wireless mobile device, the aJ-100WRP. The company, which developed the first Java microprocessor, says the product is a wireless mobile device that functions as a telephone, PDA and gaming device. aJile President and CEO George Hwang said that while Java applications are becoming more important in wireless products, often the "software translation" is too slow. "The aJile reference design demonstrates that full action Java applications are achievable with hardware execution," he said. "Mobile system developers no longer need to accept inferior performance." Jackpot Madness gave away a record amount of money--almost $1.4 million--to 17 players last week. On Friday, a record-high Treasure Nile jackpot of $520,625 was won at Sultans Casino.

Makin' Deals -- Diva Gold International Ltd. , a subsidiary of Dijaya Corp. , is entering an agreement with Atlantic Gaming NV of Curacao. Diva will now manage the Asian-region business operations of Atlantic Gaming's online gaming site, Atlantic Casino.

UK Tidbit -- U.K. bookmaker attheraces announced today that its June audience numbers show a peak audience of 270,111 viewers on June 29. In May, the company's peak audience reached 237, 351. From May to June, the channel's daily viewing numbers also grew to 181,064 in June from 149,159 in May, a rise of 22 percent.

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