Daily Nambling Notes - July 5, 2002

5 July 2002

Names and Faces Changing Places -- U.K.-based gaming software developer World Gaming plc today formally announced the appointment of Jim Mackay to the position of CEO. Mackay, who joined World Gaming in May 2002, has more than 25 years experience managing and financing business ventures in Europe and North America, with a focus on sports and entertainment. "My first order of business has been to create a sense of urgency in the company, as there are real and immediate opportunities for World Gaming and the industry as a whole," Mackay said. "We are working with solid banking and business relationships to affect a significant turnaround aimed at solidifying a leadership position within the industry." He added that shareholders can expect a "complete overhaul at the board of directors level in very short order." Mackay replaces Michael Aymong, who resigned one day before World Gaming's annual shareholders meeting on June 20.

Congratulations -- Betting technology provider Orbis announced it has received the "Sports and Gambling" trophy for the second consecutive year. The award, handed out in recognition of Orbis' innovation and contribution to the sports betting industry, was presented by New Media Age. The publication's "Effectiveness Awards" are designed to recognize England's very best in interactive applications.

Makin' Deals -- British casino and betting shop operator Stanley Leisure announced Thursday plans to acquire five English regional casinos from offshore gaming entrepreneur James Lane's Tower Casino Group. Stanley Leisure now controls 40 gaming sites, 37 provincial sites and three in London. The five sites--two casinos in Birmingham, one in Blackpool, one in Derby and one in Reading--are the last of Lane's U.K. gambling interests. The Guardian reports the properties will cost Stanley Leisure £44 million.

New Stuff -- Dark Blue Sea Ltd. of Australia on Tuesday unveiled a new virtual horse racing product. The new game, UnrealRacing, enables players to own and race their very own virtual horses. It allows users to choose their horses' name, gender and markings as well as devise custom feeding and training regimes. The company said the product is distinguished by the "sheer amount of interactivity which is delivered to the user seamlessly and effortlessly." The company, which refers to UnrealRacing as a game of skill, also reported a "staggering" amount of signups during the first week.

Mark Balestra

Mark Balestra is the Managing Director at BolaVerde Media Group. He previously worked at Clarion Gaming and the River City Group where he was the publisher of iGamingNews. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri.