Dench eGaming Solutions launches progressive web app

12 May 2020
(PRESS RELEASE) -- In June 2019, Apple updated its App Store policies and introduced a new rule that required gambling operators to replace their HTML5-built gambling apps with native apps. If they failed to do so, operators would be banned from publishing apps on the App Store and not be able to offer their services to iPhone and iPad users.
Dench eGaming Solutions has acknowledged that the iGaming industry has always been thirsty for reliable performance on par with the native apps and at the same time removing the App Store legal burden at reduced cost.
In response, for the last 12 months Dench´s development and product team has been developing new front-end technology that will tackle the extreme necessity of operators to bridge the gap between web and mobile.
The new operators’ sites are being designed in line with the latest tech trends using Progressive Web App and React in order to bring user experience to a whole new level where operators can engage with players seamlessly across different channels, improve navigation experience, including faster loading times, and deliver the native app experience by removing the need for app download from the App Store.
CEO Dobromir Mitev says: “We believe that at the end of the day it is all about removing friction and making it easy for the players to get to what they want. Once the industry gets even more pressured by regulation and bonus restrictions the brand that will only survive are the ones powered by stable technology delivering the best product and user experience.”