Denver Group to Offer Worldwide Lottery

27 January 2000
A Denver-based corporation called International Financial Group Holdings, Inc. (IFGH) has received permission by the government of St. Kitts-Nevis to develop an international lottery. The company is currently engaged in obtaining the necessary hardware, software and business licenses.

The company is hoping to begin ticket sales by June 1, 2000 to people all over the world. The lottery will initially feature two weekly games, "Weekly 6" and the "Super 7", and an "End of Year Special Drawing."

Potential investors can find additional information on the site, which provides details about bonds being offered to individual investors. "This is the best opportunity of this century to invest in a company that we feel has the potential for extremely high growth and returns year after year," IFGH CEO Keith Morrow said. "Additionally, IFGH has earmarked a percentage of its profits to serve humanitarian needs world wide."

The company is talking with several governments to develop a lottery, while an agreement has already been reached with the St.Kitts-Nevis government. The company's servers will be located in St. Kitts.