Desktop Conference: Warwick Bartlett

19 June 2001
The British betting industry and the British racing industry are so deeply intertwined that it's hard to distinguish where one sector ends and the other begins. For those not intimately involved with the two industries, it can be difficult to grasp who does what and why. Understanding who the players are can be an important key for understanding the nuances to the most recent events in the United Kingdom, where important changes have been made to taxation policy and a sweeping new media rights agreement has been signed by British race tracks. IGN publisher Sue Schneider recently spoke with Warwick Bartlett, the chairman of the British Betting Office Association, a trade group representing independent betting office proprietors in Great Britain. In this interview, available for free in RealAudio format, Bartlett explains the purpose of the various betting and racing trade groups and how these two tightly connected industries, among other things, are dealing with funding issues and potential changes to the England's outdated gambling legislation.

The interview is part of IGN's series of Desktop Conferences. Click here to listen.