Digitain unveils Belote app

2 November 2017
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Multi-channel sports betting and casino platform provider Digitain has launched a new app for the increasingly popular card game Belote.
Classic and Open Belote versions are available on their Belote app, an even more cerebral alternative to the common British card game of bridge. It's the latest in a series of skill games from the supplier, who now plans to roll out Belote to fresh audiences worldwide.
Digitain is dedicated to breaking down any perceived complexities around such games, with an accompanying array of features that make the game accessible to both novice and seasoned players via an approachable, easy-to-use interface. Unique functionality, such as the Card Draw and Lucky Spin options, also give players a chance to change their hands or ramp up any winnings.
Suren Khachatryan, Digitain CEO, said the new offering is set to build on Belote's firmly-established appeal in countries like France.
He added, "It's just an accident of history that Belote's popularity is yet to be globally recognized. And with Digitain's new app, we've unpacked this skill card game for all users.
"We've also introduced daily free tournaments on the app to improve players' education and enjoyment of Belote. It's an exciting new development."
This new app arrives hard on the heels of the provider's recent sportsbook innovation, Edit My Bet, a function which permits players to turn an existing single or multiple selection into a more sophisticated multi-leg bet either by adding more selections or replacing current ones.