Dominos Continue to Fall in US Wireless Gaming Market

1 May 2001
Just weeks after US Off-Track became the first American-based firm to offer wireless application platform (WAP) betting, two more Net betting firms, and, have announced plans of venturing into the WAP arena.'s move was made possible by an agreement between the site and Fairwind Technologies. Under the agreement will license and sell Fairwind’s suite of casino, poker card room, sportsbook and WAP casino games in North America.

While US Off-Track was the first to offer betting on horse races in the United States, is attempting to win claim as the first to offer North America-based casino games on a WAP platform.

Under the agreement, Fairwind Technologies will provide with a full array of casino games as well as multi-player poker games including 7-card stud, Texas Holdem, Hi/Lo, 5-card stud, and Omaha. Fairwind Technologies will also provide, at no further cost, all other new games that they acquire or develop.

The software system will be the first of its kind to integrate the backend system for all the various games provided. This will enable players to move freely between casino, sportsbook, poker card room and other games without having to log onto different systems. Thus, the systems will integrate with one another to provide seamless entertainment to players anytime, anywhere. CEO Michael Jackson feels the new seamless look and feel could change the way all gaming sites operate in the future.

"Our partnership with Fairwind Technologies allows us to raise the online gaming standard and to become leaders in providing new and exciting technology to the gaming industry," he said.

The WAP system provides Internet content and services to wireless clients, such as mobile phones, palm pilots and other wireless devices. didn't indicate through its announcement precisely where the games will be operated, nor did the company disclose whether the services will be government licensed.

Meanwhile, online sportsbook has announced the launch of wireless-based sports betting services. IGN will follow up tomorrow with a look at Intertops' wireless venture.