Don't Mess with Texas

6 May 1999
Something's cooking in the Lone Star State, and it ain't a big pot of five-alarm chili. State Senator Mike Moncrief has introduced a bill, SB 1222, that will enable the long arm to come after Internet service providers for not blocking content which enables online betting.

The penalty is stiff--$5000 for each day the provider fails to comply (up to $150,000)--although the law can be sidestepped rather easily. If the subscriber is at least 18, the service provider has received a signed, mailed request for the removal of the access block and the service provider places a warning on its homepage, the restrictions don't apply.

The bill, introduced on March 11, has been assigned to the Economic Subcommittee on Technology & Business Growth, although it won't be heard this time around because the legislative session is about to adjourn. An interim report is planned for this summer.

View a copy of SB 1222.

Update (2/1/00): SB 1222 hasn't seen any action since March of '99.