dot com Upgrades CyberBingo Software

11 June 1999
Online bingo software developer dot com Entertainment Group, Inc. announced today the release of version 4.5 of its CyberBingoTM software. Upgrades include a new four-card ticket format, a "three-tab" format, improved graphics and bigger jackpots.

The addition of a fourth bingo card to every 'ticket' of cards replaces the old three-card format and allows players to purchase one to 24 cards for any given game. The site also offers a "three-tab" format, with two rows of four cards on each tab, allowing for access to up to 24 cards in play in any game. This new interface also automatically monitors and "auto-dabs" cards, a feature that can be turned off if players want to play manually. The new features will also be accompanied by enhanced graphics.

dot com Vice President of Technology Perry Malone said that the change will allow the company's licensees to become more competitive by lowering their prices to 25 cents per card (or $1 for a row of four cards). He also said that clients will now be able to offer players the chance to win $1000 with 25-cent cards.

The company says that its client in Antigua has increased its player base by more than 100 percent since May 11. It attributes the increase in activity to the enhancements delivered the latest two CyberBingoTM upgrades. The latest version was successfully implemented on June 3, 1999.

The company is now pursuing the development of its other software products which will be released shortly. The successful enhancement of CyberBingoTM 4.5 has allowed the company to make many of the improvements necessary to expedite the release of its second software offering, Keno, which is presently being tested.

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