Dutch Gaming Authority amends its AML guidelines

19 December 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Dutch Gaming Authority has amended its AML guidelines. The last changes to the guidelines dated from the entry into force of Koa on 1 April 2021. A new version has now been drawn up as a result of our own research, signals from consumers and suggestions/questions from license holders.
The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act applies to both online and land-based gambling providers. According to the AML, gambling providers must, among other things, monitor the transactions of their customers and report unusual transactions to the Dutch Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).
In the document, the Ksa provides gambling providers with tools to comply with the obligations arising from the Wwft. The amended version of the Wwft guideline includes a step-by-step plan for investigating a player's source of funds, including examples.
For the final adoption of the guideline, the Ksa submitted the guideline to and received responses from various stakeholders, including other regulators such as DNB, the Dutch FIU, law firms, providers and industry associations. One of the things that emerged from this consultation was that the research obligations in the context of the prevention of gambling addiction and AML client due diligence were sometimes too intertwined, which caused confusion. In the version that has now been published, this has been fixed.