Dutch Gaming Authority follows through on collection of Gammix Limited fine

9 March 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- On 22 June 2022, the Dutch Gambling Authority (Ksa) imposed an order subject to periodic penalty payments on Gammix Limited of EUR 1,470,000 per week with a maximum of EUR 4,410,000.
These were imposed because Gammix gave the opportunity to participate in online games of chance without having a valid license in the Netherlands. In the case of an order subject to periodic penalty payments, an offender is given the opportunity to end the violation. If that does not happen, then the penalty payments must actually be paid.
At several re-checks it was still possible to play from the Netherlands or create an account. That is why the penalty payments have actually been imposed. Gammix has indicated that it does not agree with this, but that objection has been rejected. Because Gammix has not paid to date, the Dutch Gaming Authority has now decided to collect the amount due. Gammix can still challenge the collection decision.
“We have to press ahead when combating illegal supply,” said René Jansen, chairman of the Ksa. “An order subject to periodic penalty payments is often effective within administrative law to stop a violation. Not in this case, because the violation has not completely ceased, so we take the next step. We do not want an order subject to periodic penalty payments to be ignored, because that would make the remedy less effective. Anyone who violates and continues to continue must pay. It's that simple.”