E-Vegas Changes Vendors

4 August 1999
Another online casino operator has had a falling out with casino software developer Intersphere Communications Ltd. E-Vegas.com Inc., which worked out a deal with Intersphere in March 1999, announced Tuesday that Gateway Technology Inc. will be its new software supplier.

E-Vegas President Ed Gallagher called the abrupt end to his company's relationship with Intersphere a "mutual breakup."

Intersphere reportedly shut down E-Vegas' online casino on July 28, after a billing disagreement could not be settled. Gallagher said that his company was previously unhappy with Intersphere's software and support.

Within a week, E-Vegas worked out an agreement with Gateway, a subsidiary of Chartwell Technology Inc. E-Vegas' online casino is expected to reopen, using Gateway's CasinoCasino gaming system, by Friday.

"We are extremely excited about the depth and features of the software that Gateway offers us," Gallagher said. "While our previous software provider helped us get to this stage, Gateway's CasinoCasino software will help us accelerate our online gaming business. In addition to being leading edge gaming software, Gateway's solution provides us with AOL, WEB-TV and Chinese language capabilities."

CasinoCasino, a Java-based software system, includes 12 Casino Games; a Chinese language version; backend administration with remote access; I.P. tracking; e-commerce software; technical support; and a secure transaction system.

E-Vegas also announced that it has established a new subsidiary, Global E-Comm S.A., to handle its rapidly growing telecommunications business. The business will soon become the only private non-government international telecommunications carrier and Internet bandwidth provider in Costa Rica.

Global E-Comm S.A. has entered into an agreement to provide and manage the fibre optic telecom services for two new building projects in San Jose, each of which is expected to utilize approximately 300 internet, telephone and data line connections.