E-Vegas.com Subsidiary Working to Form Joint Venture

7 October 1999
Global E-Comm S.A., a subsidiary of E-Vegas.com Inc., is working to form a joint venture corporation, Allied Telecom S.A, with I.T.S. Equipos Y Sistemas Infocom S.A. and Juan Jose Wedel. ITS is a regional telecommunications infrastructure development firm that is the exclusive consultant to the Costa Rican government sanctioned telecom monopoly, Radiografica Costarricense S.A. (RASCA). Wedel is a well-known politically connected business consultant.

"This joint venture to establish Allied Telecom solidifies our position firmly in the telecommunications sector in the region," E-Vegas.com President Ed Gallagher said. "ITS and Wedel bring the specific technical services, support, reputation and contacts necessary for us and our proposed telecom partner, Dimension House Inc., to rapidly develop numerous telecommunications projects in Costa Rica and elsewhere in the region."

The new company's first project will be the delivery of telecommunications services to the new Torre Mercedes Siglo XXI building in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica for which Global E-Comm will provide financial resources. Global will invest $600,000 U.S. in fiber optics, satellite linkages, and other telecom services and infrastructure, while the other partners will provide technical and management expertise, existing infrastructure including land based satellite systems, telecom networks and fiber optic links for projects to be developed by Allied Telecom.

E-Vegas.com Inc., based in Costa Rica, is a casino and gaming business working to establish an online casino and gaming business, as well as developing related telecommunications ventures and e-commerce.