eCOGRA Casinos Attend Educational Seminar

19 July 2005

LONDON – (PRESS RELEASE) -- Management delegates from online casino operations around the world converged on Cape Town, South Africa last week for a unique educational seminar on problem gambling.

Organised by independent self-regulator eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), the course was held to coincide with new responsible gaming requirements recently approved by its Board.

The programme, believed to be an industry first for a collective group of online casinos, was designed to brief eCOGRA seal casino managers on the new regulations and provides them with sufficient information to set up policies and training programs in preparation for the introduction of the new safety precautions contained within the eGAP requirements.

40 delegates, representing general management, support, audit and marketing disciplines for 55 seal-bearing casinos, attended the event. The programme included expert tuition on the prevention of underage gambling, the psychology of problem gamblers, how to identify compulsive players and the best way to handle cases of this nature.

The custom built course was conducted by specialised Swedish psychologist and researcher Thomas Nilsson together with senior G4 executive Pieter Remmers and senior trainer Rob d'Hondt.

eCOGRA's regulations have been framed in consultation with the G4 (Global Gambling Guidance Group) organisation which recently introduced responsible gaming policies and operating parameters at eCOGRA approved The regulations provide minimum standards and requirements in respect of warnings and options regarding problem gambling, self exclusion and control mechanisms for gamblers, and promotional and advertising best practices in this area.

Andrew Beveridge, CEO of eCOGRA told delegates that responsible gaming was a critically important element in online gaming operations from both a moral and practical industry viewpoint and eCOGRA was yet again leading the way in setting gold standards player protection practices for the industry to follow.

He said, "Apart from a firm moral obligation to prevent underage or addictive gambling, we must remember that the industry's detractors are increasingly focused on the dangers of underage or addictive gambling, and this is a potential Achilles Heel for the industry."

He added, "Your commitment in joining eCOGRA has its roots in a real desire to be professional, responsible and above-average in your operational practice. The responsible gaming aspect has now been made an integral part of the eCOGRA standards required to achieve this level of business conduct."