eConnect Nears Three Sales

23 April 1999
eConnect announced this week that it's in the final stages of acquiring,, and Rogel Technologies. The three divisions will play intricate roles in the implementation of eConnect's PERFECT (Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Card Transactions) wagering system.

eSportsbet will act as the "group gate" for sportsbooks using eConnect's PERFECT (Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Card Transactions) sports wagering system and will generate service fees from participating sportsbooks., in the process of increasing its band width, will act as the group gate for PERFECT Internet casino pay-per-play wagers.

Information from and eSportsbet is then routed by eGate, the transaction division of eConnect.

Rogel Technologies will provide PERFECT software for free distribution to gaming companies who wish to be paid on a pay-per-play basis by PERFECT wagers and will also provide the Portal for entry into the PERFECT marketplace by both consumers and merchants.

eConnect is focused on acquiring a lottery, bingo, slots, and racing company by September. It will also pilot test the concept of Ante Up gaming whereby home consumers using TV cameras will be able to play with up to six long distance players and, in effect, send ATM card online debit cash or smart card cash to eConnect Ante Up, which will hold the "pot." A 10 percent service fee will be deducted.

To view a diagram of how the PERFECT wagering system works, visit