eConnect Offers Payment System

2 February 1999

eConnect has entered into an agreement with, an on-line casino, to provide secure financial transactions for the customers of 777WINS by using eConnect's self-service terminals that accept credit cards, ATM cards and smart cards.

eConnect's proprietary terminals, located in public locations, give online customers an alternative to bypass the Internet with bank card data and personal data for Internet transactions. These financial transfers are also known as "PERFECT" (Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Card Transactions) transactions.

eConnect has plans to install 5,000 of the self-serviced terminals over the next 12 months in public locations such as hotels, sports bars, cybercafes and malls to provide customers the flexibility to open accounts and make transactions with 777WINS, VIPsports, Goldmine Casino, eSportsbet, and others to come.

777WINS has developed "QuickPlay," a proprietary software to facilitate playing of casino games. According to company representatives, "This state of the art software architecture does not require the tedious downloads common to most on-line gaming sites and can be played immediately on most standard web browsers and is compatible with WebTV."

eConnect is a high technology Internet entertainment company that operates in the electronic digital gaming and entertainment industry through two equal divisions.

The eGaming division of the Company markets a fully functioning sports book in San Jose, Costa Rica, and is developing an online internet gaming and entertainment website at, available by mid-March.

The eGaming division is in the business of licensing customized, turnkey Internet gaming systems to independent parties wanting to participate in the online gaming industry and provides a ready-to-use operation in exchange for participation in the licensees' revenues.

With equal importance and focus the eGate division of eConnect facilitates eCommerce for On-Line Gaming companies by providing a common currency on the Internet through real-time same-as-cash electronic financial transactions known as "PERFECT" transactions which are real-time "Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Electronic Card Transactions."

Interestingly enough, the news release on this product included the following "Note to Editors: Due to the uncertain regulatory environment as it relates to Internet gaming in the United States and Canada, the Company continues to focus on the market outside of North America until such time as United States and Canadian laws, specifically in regard to Internet gaming, are clarified."