eConnect Will Test ATM-Based Wagering System in November

30 September 1999
eConnect Will Test its ATM-Based Wagering System in November

E-commerce solutions provider eConnect is targeting November as a test date for a hardware device that will allow computer users to deposit funds into their betting accounts by swiping an ATM card.

Users will be able to test the product, known as ePIN, while betting at Irish Sport wagering service The ePIN will allow users to originate Same-as-CashTM gaming transactions with a bank issued ATM card.

eConnect and eSportsbet have an exclusive agreement for the use of Same-as-CashTM processing. Ireland will tax eSportsbet at a 5 percent rate.

With this business model, eConnect believes it will lay the groundwork for a worldwide acceptance of Internet gaming transactions. It plans to do so via an alliance with E-SAFE, which will marked the services in the U.K. as well as Hong Kong and Australia, and ET&T, which will process the incoming Same-as-CashTM transactions.

The company owns two U.S. websites, and, which will be used for testing ePIN originated purchases. It also established to test ePIN originated Internet trading. Additionally, the public kiosk service of EzyShop was launched in September with the eConnect EzyDepot. All of the company's wagering related services are based outside the U.S.

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