EiG Adds Emotional Engagement Technology Demo

15 July 2008

A live demonstration of Emotional Engagement Technology has been added to the program of the European I-Gaming Congress & Expo (EiG) in Barcelona, September 23-25.

Emotional Engagement Technology is the study of the subconscious mind. The EiG workshop on Emotional Engagement Technology will measure mind-states, emotions and other sub-conscious responses in order to help delgates of EiG to understand how respondents really think, act and behave.

The workshop will be lead by Catriona Campbell, CEO of Foviance, who was voted one of the Top 50 most influential people in the Internet industry by Internet Magazine in 2002 and one of the Top 100 individuals to be recognized for contribution to the development of the Internet over the last 10 years by NopWorld & E-Consultancy in 2004.

Campbell will combine quantitative and qualitative techniques to marry sub-conscious reactions and cognitive responses with user attention and emotional reaction.

"Gaming companies already understand the importance of the user experience in winning customers and building loyalty," said Campbell. "The introduction of EEG allows us to answer questions that were previously unanswerable, and to provide a deeper insight into the formation of opinions along with the decision making process of new and existing customers."