eLottery Helps Lotteries Generate Web Revenue

23 March 2000
U.S. lotteries maintain a huge presence on the Web, but none of them sell tickets online. Since lotteries depend solely on ticket sales to generate revenue, the huge presence isn't earning anyone a dime. Official lottery websites receive millions of hits each month, but none of those clicks are generating any ad revenue. The situation may change when lotteries use eLottery's IMARCS marketing program. (IMARCS is the an acronym for Internet marketing, analysis, research and communications system.)

"While it seems intuitive that the good causes governmental lotteries support should already be receiving incremental advertising revenue from official websites, this is unfortunately not the case," eLottery president Mike Yacenda said. "Our new IMARCS add-on can fill a tremendous void and will help enable governmental lotteries to monazite their existing informational web sites."

Here's how it works: eLottery acts as an agent for lottery websites by selling advertising on the sites and collecting the revenues, which would then cover costs for using the IMARCS system. The IMARCS system is a database that allows lotteries to talk with their customers through email. The lotteries can thus keep players up-to-date winning numbers, tell them about new games and remind them to purchase tickets.

eLottery is a subsidiary of eLOT, Inc., a public company with a mission of leading the governmental lottery industry into the e-commerce market.

So far, the Idaho state lottery is eLottery's first and only IMARCS client. More lotteries are expected to sign up soon.