eLottery Inks Deal with Idaho State Lottery

16 November 1999
Online lottery solutions provider eLottery continues to strategically position itself soundly for the anticipated passing of federal law in the U.S. which will allow states to sell lottery tickets over the Internet. It's latest move, announced Monday, is a deal to develop an online "Players Club" program for the Idaho State Lottery.

The Players Club will provide information and services to Idaho Lottery patrons who are "logged on" to an official Idaho lottery site. Lottery officials hope to enroll 25 percent of its player base in the club.

eLottery President Mike Yacenda called the deal "another important step toward realizing our ultimate goal of becoming the premier Web retailer of Internet lottery tickets." Yacenda added, "Even though there are no current plans to sell Idaho lottery tickets via the Net, this agreement is important, as the website will utilize eLottery's Web retail know-how--the technology, software and experience."

The company, a subsidiary of Executone Information Systems, Inc., entered the unofficial U.S. lottery ticket sales race in May when it formed a partnership with Autotote Corporation in which eLottery's Web-based lottery will be made available to Autotote's domestic and international governmental lottery customers. It also recently established itself as the retail agent for Internet sales of the Jamaican Lottery.

eLottery has developed, installed and operated systems that have processed ten million e-commerce lottery ticket sales and transactions. It has operated Internet, Intranet, telephone, communications, accounting, banking, database and other applications and services that facilitate the electronic sale of new and existing lottery products and has also developed transitional e-commerce solutions to allow governmental lotteries to leverage the power of the Internet, while political, legal and social issues are being addressed. For more information, visit www.elottery.com and/or www.executone.com.