eLottery Serves up 8 Million Players

27 September 2000
eLOT, Inc., a company committed to leading American lotteries into the e-commerce market, announced today that its eLottery, Inc. subsidiary will offer state lotteries to access to its proprietary opt-in database of over 8 million players.

The development is the product of a deal struck by eLottery and PlasmaNet, Inc., the parent company for FreeLotto.com, in which the two companies have formed a joint venture to the database to state lotteries. The highly targeted database is the largest such database in the world, according eLottery, and was developed from players who registered for free lottery sweepstakes at the FreeLotto.com website.

Lotteries that sign up for the service can use personalized e-mail marketing messages to attract new customers and maximize lottery ticket sales at existing retail locations. Participating lotteries can use the database to announce new games, send out jackpot reminders, offer special promotions and populate their VIP clubs at a fraction of the cost for traditional TV, radio and print advertising campaigns.

eLOT President and CEO Edwin McGuinn explains, "eLottery's proprietary database is an extremely valuable marketing tool for the state lotteries, allowing them to send a one-to-one marketing and advertising message directly to potential customers on the Internet."

eLottery will generate revenue from state lotteries that use the database, although a pricing structure was not announced.

The following is a breakdown by jurisdiction of lottery players in the proprietary opt-in database:

AZ 158,057   IL 390,502   MO 193,477   RI 35,009
CA 1,031,310   IN 230,994   MT 33,960   SD 25,419
CO 141,98   KS 102,670   NE 54,872   TX 691,479
CT 121,644   KY 131,494   NH 55,487   VA 239,710
DC 20,036   LA 121,131   NJ 321,743   VT 23,014
DE 31,432   MA 213,458   NM 51,221   WA 235,941
FL 580,222   MD 200,651   NY 743,942   WI 167,291
GA 249,977   ME 61,341   OH 409,824   WV 71,018
IA 94,898   MI 294,262   OR 142,822  
ID 47,515   MN 138,519   PA 494,722