eLottery to Provide Online Sales of Jamaica Lottery Tickets

27 October 1999
eLottery, Inc. announced today that it will be handling online sales of Jamaica Lottery tickets starting in early 2000. The company will sell tickets for the lottery's "Lotto" and "Pick 3" games.

Jamaica Lottery sales generated over $50 million in revenue, with prizes paid out exceeding $22 million. It is a member of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.

Eugene Ffolkes, managing director of the Jamaica Lottery, commented, "The Jamaica Lottery has been active in promoting a multi-national lottery in the Caribbean region. Successful experience with Internet sales for the Jamaica Lottery is expected to play an important role in demonstrating the full potential for an Internet multi-jurisdictional game. The agreements signed today calls for eLottery to provide support for Internet retailing throughout the Caribbean region.'

The Jamaica Lottery will also use eLottery's border control systems to protect against sales to the United States and other jurisdictions in which cross border sales are not permitted.

Servers for Jamaica Lottery ticket sales will be co-located in Kingston, Jamaica with the Jamaica Lottery headquarters, according to Charlie Degliomini, eLottery's Vice President of Marketing.

eLottery will also be launching a new reward-entertainment site at www.eLotteryFreeWay.com offering free entertainment games. Registered players will earn ePoints to be redeemed for cash and prizes. The company hopes to eventually tie into online state lotteries from this site.

An online Internet Investor meeting will be held on November 9, 1999 which will roll out the new site. Registration for the meeting is at www.regsvc.com/elottery.