Elys Game Technology announces branding for Elys America

25 July 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Elys Game Technology, Corp., an interactive gaming and sports betting technology company announced the launch of the Company’s Elys America logo and platform as part of its continuing brand advancement in North America. Along with a unique logo to differentiate North America facing operations from its Newgioco origins in Europe, it is launching a new brand identity, corporate website, color schemes, and typography that expresses the development of the all-new U.S. and Canadian facing sports betting platform for retail and mobile markets in North America.
“To boost our new Elys America brand forward, we created this new identity to emphasize disciplines that are central to our operations and symbolize trust, stability, and positive progression wrapped in a diverse range of advanced betting technology and products while maintaining parallels with our original corporate culture,” said Michele Ciavarella, Executive Chairman of Elys Game Technology, Corp. “In developing our new platform, we first observed what sports bettors in developing U.S. and Canadian markets are demanding and tracked how competitive sportsbooks reacted to such demands and to peer movements. Our innovative development teams focused on two crucial functions, regulatory compliance as well as reporting capability and cybersecurity to arrive at a compliant tech-stack offering a luxury customer experience. Our new Elys five-dimensional “ELYS 5D” iGaming ecosystem integrates our services in five functional areas:
  • Customer acquisition
  • Cybersecurity, KYC, AML and multifunctional payment convenience
  • Trading, risk management and compliance
  • Advanced market events and odds
  • Customer service

After extensive analysis and consultation, we selected our Elys America brand logo to represent both a legacy of enterprise expertise with a modern new look that captures our objective of achieving and bringing comprehensive growth to the Company while also representing a strong and trustworthy sports betting operator to patrons throughout Canada and the U.S.”
Subject to licensing and regulatory approval, the Company expects to announce operating brands and player websites in certain Canadian provinces and U.S. states over the ensuing months.