Enlightened Leadership

9 April 1997

Tired of hearing about "prohibition" when the discussion turns to internet gambling? Check out the following website to get a taste of the rational discussions which are going on in Canada. Dennis Mills is the author of bill C-353 which will allow Canada to legalize and regulate internet gambling. His site contains not only the bill but lots of background information such as the legal framework as well as a discussion on the socioeconomic conditions. Be sure to take a good look at the Hansard Report...the text of the discussion in the House of Commons on Feb. 13. It will give you the flavor of how members there may be viewing this piece of legislation.

In a discussion with IGN, Mr. Mills said that one complication which has arisen in the process is the national election which has been called for early June. This will likely cause the bill to be reintroduced after the new Parliament is seated. But, he's clearly interested in seeing the issue tackled. Unlike the US which sees the internet as a threat, Mills says that Canada should look at it as an opportunity. "We can be among the top of the G-7 in how we view this new technology," he said.

IGN will keep you posted on events in Canada.