EquiLottery Games and NASCAR introduce new lottery draw game

21 May 2020
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Pioneering lottery game developer EquiLottery Games and NASCAR today announced a multi-year agreement to develop a new officially licensed lottery draw game titled “NASCAR Racing Riches.”
NASCAR Racing Riches will provide lotteries a game based on the results of live NASCAR Cup Series races. EquiLottery Games and NASCAR will work together to implement this game through state lotteries as soon as 2021.
"We are excited about the opportunities a relationship with NASCAR presents for lotteries,” said EquiLottery Games Founder and CEO Brad Cummings. "When released, NASCAR Racing Riches will introduce both the sport and lottery to new consumers, while engaging existing customer bases. Based on our consumer research, this game is setup to be a winner for all parties involved.”
To play, consumers will purchase NASCAR Racing Riches quick pick tickets featuring three drivers entered in that week’s NASCAR Cup Series race. Prizes range from $5 to $50,000 and the game’s overall odds of winning are 7 to 1, making the game easier to win than other draw games. The weekly game will run concurrently with the NASCAR Cup Series schedule.
"As our sports betting platform continues to mature, we are exploring even more ways to engage new and existing fans,” said Scott Warfield, Managing Director, Gaming, NASCAR. “We’re impressed with the development of this new live sports lottery category and the opportunities it affords NASCAR to ignite new passionate fans.”