Eremian Kicked Off Antigua

29 August 2000
There's new trouble in paradise. Bobby Eremian, the managing director of Antiguan sportsbook Sports Offshore, was asked by the island government to leave. On August 17, authorities there placed the bookmaker onto a plane headed for Puerto Rico. Once there, American officials arrested Eremian for an outstanding 1995 warrant that charged him with violating Title 18, Sections 1955 and 1956 of federal codes, for allegedly operating an illegal gambling business and money laundering. It's believed that neither charge relates to his online gambling business.

Eremian was released on $85,000 bail and headed to Boston, reports his lawyer Ken Hense. At this time, there is little knowledge about the circumstances behind the Antiguan government's unprecedented ousting of Eremian. Hense, however, speculates that some officials might have been upset by Eremian's vociferous complaints regarding a proposed "black box" that would have recorded all transactions made on Antigua-licensed e-gaming sites.

Sports Offshore, Eremian's Internet sportsbook, reports that business is operating as usual. Although he would make no comments at this time, Eremian is expected to make a public statement in the near future.