EssNet to Provide ELOS e-channelsT to Hamburg Lottery

11 July 2001
EssNet of Sweden recently announced that it will provide its ELOS e-channelsT gaming software to Nordwest Lotto und Toto Hamburg.

Erik Edeus, product manager for EssNet, said this is the first contract signed for the product, which is a gaming and lottery system. He said the software will be put into use on the website after tests have been completed.

The Hamburg lottery is one of several state-run lotteries in Germany. The payment system will be developed independently of EssNet, Edeus said. ELOS will allow registered players to use either the Internet or a terminal to play the lottery, and no matter which medium players choose, the system will remember their personal history.

"They have a system for playing games also via terminals, and that system is provided by us as well," he said.