European Online Casinos Shut Down Unexpectedly

28 September 1998

A European company that operates several online casinos elected last week to cease all operations and shut down all access to its websites. No reasons were given and the whereabouts of the person believed to be the owner is currently unknown.

Funscape, a company holding an undisclosed agreement with the online casinos' ownership, has assumed responsibility for all betting accounts. Following is a letter sent from Funscape to players with money in betting accounts.

Dear Player,
Recently, you may not have been able to enter any of the following websites:

The European company that owned these sites has decided not to continue normal operations. Many thousands of players of the above sites have not been able to access their accounts.

However, has transferred all balances to the Funscape website. All account names and passwords are still the same. You may enter at any time and continue playing.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at Please, include your full name, account name, password, and the name of the original site. It will be our sincere pleasure to assist you.

We welcome you to and guarantee extremely high service.

Best Regards,