Eye on Europe - 19 July 2007

19 July 2007

  • Fluxx Eyes Non-German Acquisitions

    German operator Fluxx AG is on the hunt for European acquisitions.

    "Until the situation in the German market has been definitively clarified," said CEO Rainer Jacken, "we will be putting the development of our domestic activities on the back burner in view of the new legal situation.

    "In parallel," Jacken continued, "specialist lawyers are examining Fluxx's compensation and public liability claims against the federal states for a figure running into the three-digit millions."

    Fluxx already possesses a bookmaking license in Great Britain, and, shortly, will be entering the British betting market with a competitive product. Malta-based QED Ventures was also a significant acquisition for the company.

  • Belgium to Launch International Sports-Betting Project

    The following is taken from the annual report (2006) of the Belgian National Lottery:

    In the European arena the Department of Strategy & Business Development is still working on a new sports-betting project, in close cooperation with other European Lotteries. The date when the new project should have been launched was postponed, which was not caused by the Belgian National Lottery. The objective of the project was that gamblers on important European soccer matches will be imbedded in a legal, secured and accompanied alternative offering for the other sports-betting products. The new product of the Belgian National Lottery and its partner lotteries will distinguish [itself] by the new formula of the game. Several European lotteries will be part of this new European sports betting project, which will have a very attractive jackpot.

    IGN contacted a source in one of the leading European Lotteries, specializing in sports betting, and asked about the new project.

    "No, I do not know any details of this project," the source said. "The National Belgian Lottery has no expertise, so it should be very simple."

    Currently, the Belgian Lottery offers neither sports-betting nor I-gaming services.

  • Dutch Government Takes Chance on New Regulator

    Dutch Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin wants to introduce an independent gaming authority to oversee and control games of chance in the country.

    The lower house in the Netherlands has reportedly campaigned for the new regulatory body, and the present Gaming Control Board has likewise advocated for a strong independent authority.

    The Ministry is working on a new bill covering games of chance, and the Gaming Board seems to be content that its own organization will be axed.

  • Rob van der Gaast has a background in sports journalism. He worked for over seven years as the head of sports for Dutch National Radio and has developed new concepts for the TV and the gambling industry. Now he operates from Istanbul as an independent gambling research analyst. He specializes in European gambling matters and in privatizations of gambling operators. Rob has contributed to IGN since Jul 09, 2001.