Firebrand Affiliates brands now active on Facebook

20 March 2014
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Firebrand Affiliates brands are now live and active on Facebook.
Finally! It’s high time that Firebrand Affiliates join the quest to conquer social media to promote their brands and increase conversion!
They update their Facebook fan pages daily to strike players’ interests in depositing, playing, and competing with other fans. Firebrand Affiliates constantly provide reminders and images on how players can get more bonuses from their brands, and how they can benefit by simply checking their fan pages out. They are currently in the process of releasing Facebook-only promotions so all players can enjoy more surprises.
Getting a foothold on social media only increases the odds of conversion by gaining an excellent reputation over social media. Firebrand Affiliates Facebook fan pages now exhibit weekly promotions, daily comps, game descriptions, and announcements.
Let your players know about their presence in social media to increase conversion!