First Day of Legal Keno in Ohio

5 August 2008

Ohio Keno players placed more than 20,000 wagers on Monday, which is equal to about $88,000, during the state's first day of legalized Keno, reports The Blade, a Toledo-based newspaper.

The state's new electronic lottery-style game is now available to customers almost everywhere -- from racetracks and bars to restaurants, bowling alleys and other locations with liquor licenses.

"System-wide, things seem to be very good," Marie Kilbane, a public information officer for the Ohio Lottery Commission, told the newspaper. "We've had 51 calls from Keno retailers with various questions, a couple of them with computer issues, growing pains we’re working through."

Already legalized in 12 U.S. states, Club Keno, the casino-style game, is now considered an extension of Ohio’s already existing lottery.