First Entertainment and Sportsnet Complete Definitive Agreement

18 September 1998

DENVER -- First Entertainment Holding Corp. (OTCBB:FTET) has signed a definitive agreement with Sportsnet, Inc. that will result in a new online casino coming to the World Wide Web.

Sportsnet will provide hardware, software, online casino games, lottery contests, web development, associated business applications development, and site maintenance, while First Entertainment will operate an Internet gaming site from the Commonwealth of Dominica pursuant to a separate gaming license previously granted by Dominica.

First Entertainment Holding Corp will operate the games, provide all physical facilities and communication installation, as well as market and advertise the site.

Sportsnet, Inc. is an Internet-based technology provider of hardware, software, interactive casino games, lotteries, associated business applications, web development and site building and maintenance services. It’s a provider to casino companies that operate sites outside the United States and do not allow access to residents of the United States.

First Entertainment is a multi-media company and has divisions or subsidiaries operating in the areas of radio broadcasting and comedy clubs. They are committed to maintaining strict compliance with all existing and pending U.S. legislation regarding Internet gaming and in conjunction with Sportsnet, will build and operate the new site to insure strict compliance.