First interactive gaming system for The Bahamas certified by Gaming Laboratories International

2 June 2016
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Gaming Laboratories International, the global leader in online systems and iGaming testing, is proud to announce its success as the first registered independent test laboratory to certify a Gaming House Operator's full interactive gaming system under the new Bahamian gaming legislation.
GLK Limited, a Gaming House Operator headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas, worked with GLI to have its full complement of casinos, numbers and sportsbook offerings tested for compliance with the new Bahamian gaming legislation, which incorporates a reliance on GLI's iGaming technical standards. This achievement further reinforces GLI's continued commitment to fair, secure and auditable interactive gaming operations across the Caribbean. Moreover, it demonstrates GLI's commitment to Gaming House Operators seeking iGaming expansion in The Bahamas.
Co-Founders of GLK Limited Garvin Newball and Leander Brice said, "We are pleased and excited to be the first Gaming House Operator to complete the full testing and certification process with GLI and to have our interactive gaming system authorized by the Gaming Board for The Bahamas. It is truly an honor to be the first of a handful of operators licensed in this historical undertaking to regularize a domestic gaming sector. We would like to sincerely thank everyone from GLK Limited, GLI, and the Gaming Board for The Bahamas who helped make this achievement possible. We would also like to thank our customers who have worked with us through this demanding regulatory process."
Gaming Board Secretary Verdant R. Scott said, "The Gaming Board could not be more pleased with the level of effort and commitment that GLK and its suppliers demonstrated during the testing, certification and system integration process. To have the interactive games offered by GLK comply with the highest standards for integrity, fairness and player protection is a milestone for The Bahamas. I look forward to the swift completion in upcoming weeks of the certification process for the remainder of our licensed Gaming Houses."
GLI's Vice President of iGaming Salim Adatia said, "With any new market opening, there are bound to be unforeseen challenges for stakeholders to face. However, close collaboration between the regulatory agency, operator, software supplier(s) and testing laboratory can make all the difference in terms of success level. This was the case here."
GLI's iGaming Service Delivery Manager Stephen Naylor added, "The Gaming Board, GLK and GLI cooperated greatly to reach this successful deployment goal. We could not be happier for everyone involved."
Since 1996, GLI has provided independent testing and assessment services for many emerging and existing online gaming jurisdictions. The company serves more than 475 jurisdictions worldwide, fulfilling their testing and certification needs.