First Look Games launches from TAG Media

17 July 2018
(PRESS RELEASE) -- First Look Games has launched to the market today, providing a direct link between game developers and iGaming affiliates for the very first time.
First Look Games, developed by TAG Media, offers publishers from around the world game information, game assets and content on the latest slots titles before anyone else, plus equivalent content on existing game studio catalogues.
For game developers, it allows them to connect directly with the publishers that promote their content to players, increasing the volume, quality and compliance of their game marketing.
First Look Games is powered by a bespoke CMS platform that lets developers easily upload game information and assets in bulk or individually. The platform is equally straightforward for publishers to access and download the material.
The Game Library function puts developers in control of the information and content used to promote their existing game titles to publishers — vital when it comes to ensuring wide-spread, accurate, compliant, up-to-date marketing with a studio’s largest B2B audience.
First Look Premium is a unique product that supports the launch of a new slot title. It allows game developers to upload game information and assets two weeks prior to a game’s launch, which can be accessed by a select number of qualifying affiliates.
These publishers can create content for their websites and other marketing channels, which remain hidden until the game officially lands in operator portfolios. This not only provides publishers with a first mover advantage over their competitors, but also offers great SEO benefits as well.
First Look Games also offers a Compliance Scanning service, powered by Rightlander.
This allows game developers to monitor the activity of First Look Games publishers to ensure reviewed content is compliant in the U.K.; it also notifies them of sites advertising their content that they are unaware of.
Additional services include content creation and translation for iGaming affiliates, and player focus groups, press releases and translation services for developers.
Tom Galanis, founder of First Look Games, said, “The platform we have developed connects game developers and affiliates, delivering tremendous upsides to both parties.
“Developers can rest assured that publishers receive accurate, compliant information for new and existing games, while publishers can access this information freely and, in the case of game titles launched through First Look Premium, before their competition.
“From a growth standpoint, we feel we are ideally positioned as a business to engage with a vast network of iGaming publishers, thereby ensuring First Look Games becomes the ultimate marketing vehicle for game releases.”