Five New Games Added at US Lottery

14 April 1998

WORLEY, Idaho -– The government has tried to stop them, but they're only getting stronger. Five new games are coming to US Lottery, the web site where the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and UniStar Entertainment, Inc. introduced the world's first Internet/phone draw lottery.

The games are: Super Bingo, Ultra Bingo, Super Lotto 100, Box Lotto 49 and Big Spin. Using the latest in computer technology, US Lottery has revolutionized the way to play Bingo. With Ultra Bingo, players can customize their game, from how many balls played, how much to bet, to creating a personalized playing card.

"We have worked hard to provide players with the highest amount of security, excitement and convenience,"said Dave Matheson, CEO of Gaming for the Tribes. "Players now take the 'Cyber' highway, from anywhere in the world to the reservation in Idaho, and play our instant lottery games for big prizes."

Super Bingo
This revolutionary game enables you to customize your experience—from how much to invest, to how many balls to play. You choose between 40 and 60 balls and spend anywhere from five cents to ten dollars on each ticket, (the greater number of balls used, the higher the odds of winning). If you like your card, you can save it to play later. Jackpots can be up to $100,000.

Ultra Bingo
Ultra Bingo has all the features of Super Bingo, plus a mega jackpot of $300,000. You decide how much money to spend on each ticket—$1 to $30—then hit play.

Super Lotto 100
This game has 100 squares that can turn a $10 ticket into a $1,000,000 jackpot! The player chooses up to ten numbers and hits the play button. The higher the ticket amount, the greater the win.

Box Lotto 49
The Box Lotto gives players the opportunity to pick 36 out of 49 boxes. Match any three of 49 numbers in a row—up, down or diagonally—and win. Just make a selection, pick a dollar amount and click play.

Big Spin
The Big Spin is the electronic version of classic scratch off's. It's fast-paced action, fun and offers a 95% prize pool.

"The Bingo games are revolutionary, and provide a real point of difference from competitors," said Mike Yacenda, president of UniStar, which developed and manages the games for the Tribe. "No other game of its kind offers these features. Our site is dual homed and secure. Additionally, the banking system is capable of handling 2,500 transactions per hour, and can easily expand to handle ten times as many."

The Tribe and UniStar have also expanded the customer base by offering a pari-mutuel lottery game, "Super 6 Draw Lottery," accessible by personal computers and telephones. The weekly draw is a pick 6 out of 49 and currently has a $1 million jackpot. Tickets are available on the US Lottery web site at or by phone at 208-665-3866.